Our club is a DVG America club, so becoming a member means you will also have to become a DVG America Club member.  When you become a member, please read the DVG America Member Handbook.  All DVG America forms, files, guidelines, handbooks, entry forms, and by-laws can be found here.

To become a member, please complete a SFSC Membership Application and submit it to a Board Member with the $50 Application Fee (cash or check).  This will give you temporary (120 days) rights to work and attend all club training and events.


Click on the links below to download our Club Membership Application and read our Club Handler & Dog Safety Rules BEFORE you attend with your dog :

SFSC Membership Application

SFSC Handler & Dog Safety Rules

After the trial period, you will be accepted or not, as a member by the general membership.

Dues are as follows:

  • $325 General Membership
  • $190 for members that live over 100 miles one way from the club field
  • $490 for Family Membership

The following year’s dues must be paid before October 31st of the previous year.

If you are becoming a new member or renewing your club dues and you plan on trialing within a couple of months time, please give yourself AT LEAST 2 months for your membership to process through DVG-USA.