Weekly training nights are held Tuesday nights at the Rick and Rita Case Boy’s and Girl’s Club, 7525  NW 33rd Street, Davie, Florida 33024.  You can find us on the lighted field behind the building.

The obedience session starts at 6:00pm and protection begins afterwards, which is generally around 7:30pm.  Training nights can last as long as 10:30pm, depending on the number of members in attendance.

Please be sure to read the SFSC Handler & Dog Safety Rules BEFORE you bring your dog; click on the link below to download the rules:

SFSC Handler & Dog Safety Rules

Tuesday Training Night Rules & Guidelines

  • You MUST do obedience in order to do protection.
  • Obedience training from 6:00 – 7:30pm.
  • Multiple Handler/Dog Teams are allowed on the field at the same time during obedience.
  • At this time, be mindful and pay attention to one another–safety and courtesy are critical!!
  • All obedience equipment will be removed from the field prior to protection work.
  • Protection work will begin at 7:30pm until 10:30pm.
  • A sign-in board for protection will be available.
  • Our helpers are dedicating their time, body, gas, etc. to help us improve our dog’s performance, so in recognition of that effort, we will collect $10 per dog worked in protection.  The club will give each decoy $50 and any additional money will be saved for future dates when the collection is not enough to cover the decoy’s time for the night.
  • If a handler is working multiple dogs, additional dogs will be worked after other members work their first dog.
  • Helper/Decoy dogs will be worked first or at their convenience.
  • Each team will be limited to 10 minutes of work at the “6” blind.
  • All equipment must be accounted for and neatly stored in the locker by lights out at 10:45pm.  All members working protection must help put equipment away.

Visitors are welcome to watch, but please refrain from entering the field.

Non-members dogs are not allowed, unless specifically invited.